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WilliamsonMcGee IP
5646 HB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

T +31 40 2117010

KvK 17147423

WilliamsonMcGee IP is located in Eindhoven – the technological heart of The Netherlands, with one of the largest concentrations of hightech companies and research organizations in the world. It is situated close to the German and Belgian borders, with easy access to the Ruhr industrial heartland and leading engineering centers in Belgium. Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands, with convenient connections to several major cities in Europe.

All products and services of WilliamsonMcGee IP are provided subject to its general Terms & Conditions, which are available for inspection at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, under file number 17147423. Upon request, a copy of these Terms & Conditions will be forwarded by WilliamsonMcGee IP to any interested party, free of charge.