Tailored services


If you already have a patent team, WilliamsonMcGee IP can supplement your current resources, offering assistance with special projects, specific technical or legal expertise, or back-up capacity as required.

If you are a small-scale technological innovator that would like to take patent matters more seriously, WilliamsonMcGee IP can help you to develop and realize a suitable and affordable patent strategy.

Refine your strengths


An experienced patent attorney can help you to build up a strong portfolio of patents covering key aspects of your products; in this way, leadership in a particular technological field can be maintained and strengthened. Even if you lag behind in a given technological area, a skilled patent attorney can help you to close the innovative gap between you and your competitors. Brainstorming with technical staff, performing machine inspections and project audits, and patent-oriented coaching of new employees can add huge impetus and quality to your patenting activity. 

Know your competitor


A trained patent professional can accurately analyze and evaluate the patents of your competitors, enabling you to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Such information can allow you to prepare for potential conflicts, and to tune R&D activity in certain fields. It can also help you to more fully evaluate the assumed added value of mergers and acquisitions, for example. 


Track your field


It’s easy to keep worldwide track of newly published patent applications in a given technical field. An automated service can provide you with periodic overviews of newly emerged patent documents – refined according to technology, country and/or a particular selection of competitors – delivered straight to your e-mail with a list of clickable links.